Monday, May 10, 2010

Worlds Of Honor - David Weber

Worlds of Honor: Queen's Gambit - Jane Lindskold
David Weber
Baen Books
Copyright Date: 2000
ISBN: 978-0671578558

The third story in the Worlds of Honor anthology finally has some familiar characters in it, as well as a host of new ones. Plots and politics (both mainstays of the world of Honor Harrington) abound, causing havoc for the Royal Family of Manticore. Not the most upbeat of stories, I have to admit, but a well written one that fits the world David Weber has created.

Queen's Gambit is set before On Basilisk Station, and knowing what happens in that book is certainly interesting considering this story. I couldn't help but wonder how much the solution to things in this story might have made the situation worse for Honor in that book.

I found myself smiling at some of the minor references in the story such as Michelle Henke's academy roomate's math scores (We all know who's being mentioned here, don't we).

Jane Lindskold is a noted author in her own right, though aside from this, I've only ever seen her books in the fantasy section. The best known of her books is Through Wolf's Eyes, which I enjoyed reading (although I didn't get around to finishing then). Said book is also the start of a series.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I started reading On Basilisk Station - interesting to know they are all so connected.

Elena said...

That's a good one. Yes, it's been a few years since I read my way through the series, so I'm finding as I read the short stories that they bring back a lot of hints about the books and drive me crazy at other times with "who is?" questions.


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