About All Booked Up

 Ten years! Ten years! That's how long I've been running All Booked Up. Where has the time gone? In that time, my blogging style has changed a bit. The first posts and book reviews didn't include the book blurbs or cover images, then I started including both from Amazon - with affiliate links. I have to be honest and admit that I've long since monetized my blog a bit. Which means, if you're intrigued by a book I mention, I'd really love it if you would click on the cover image and investigate further.

For a while, I used to also link to other blogs with reviews of the same book. I stopped doing that after a while - not because it wasn't a great idea, but all too often, I'd come back and the post I linked to was no longer there. Such is the way of the internet however.

All Booked Up used to be a strictly book review blog. However, as of April 2016, after a year-long hiatus, I have opened it up to a much more general focus. While the majority of posts will still be relating to books in some form or another, I am also going to be much more inclined to post on topics such as my spinning/crafting projects, gardening and other miscellany.

You can take me out of a bookstore, but I guess you can't stop me from talking about books. The habits are just too ingrained. During the aforementioned hiatus, even though I wasn't reading very much, I found that I missed having a place to discuss various aspects of books and reading.

I am also a freelance indexer, which means that when I have a contract, I don't have much time for reading or posting to All Booked Up. Posts will dry up during those times, and I will no longer feel guilty for that.

However, if you are interested in indexing and the processes involved, please take a look at my Books And Resources For Indexers page. I have collected there brief forms of my impressions of the various books I've added to my library on indexing. Some are more technical reference books, others discuss the finer points of the art of indexing. All make for some fascinating reading if you're interested in the subject. If you're looking for an indexer for a project, please take the time to investigate my business website: Quill and Ink Indexing Services.


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