Monday, May 31, 2010

Be #1 on Google: 52 Fast and Easy Search Engine Optimization Tools to Drive Customers to Your Web Site

Be #1 on Google: 52 Fast and Easy Search Engine Optimization Tools to Drive Customers to Your Web Site
Jon Smith
McGraw Hill Publishing
Copyright: 2009

The product description:
Google Your Way to the Top of Your Industry!
It’s great to have a punchy Web site, but if you aren’t optimizing your search-engine presence, you’re just another company lost in cyberspace.
With Be #1 on Google, you can instantly put your company in the top spot of relevant online searches—and dramatically increase sales. An international expert in search-engine optimization, Jon Smith explains how to draw serious customers—not curious or bored Web surfers—to your site by
  • Registering with Google
  • Coming up with the best keywords
  • Thinking like your customers
  • Making your site totally accessible
  • Using metadata to your advantage
  • Advertising on the Web
  • Measuring what works, and what doesn’t
Containing 52 techniques in all, each of which can used immediately, Be #1 on Google is the essential guide to winning the battle for first ranking on the world’s most utilized search engine.
 I just realized that when I last read Be #1 On Google: 52 Fast And Easy Search Engine Optimization Tools To Drive Customers To Your Website back in November, that I never did review it. I intended to, but somehow it slipped my mind. Anyway, I re-read the book over the weekend. And I also changed my opinion of the book somewhat between readings.

Last time I read the book, I thought it had a lot of promise for websites. This time, I could still see that, but I also realized that Be #1 on Google is geared entirely towards business/corporate websites. There are quite a few helpful tips for anyone with a website or blog though, and also a lot of useful, free resource websites to check out. Something I still need to do for that matter. You'll just have to pick and choose which of the author's suggestions are appropriate for your website(s).

Some of the suggestions are easy enough to implement, such as making sure the image titles aren't just numeric combos, but actual words. Others, are definitely more business oriented, such as buying other, similar domain names and setting up competing websites to your own.

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