Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Return...To Canada With Love (CD) - Liona Boyd

The Return...To Canada With Love - Liona BoydI don't usually comment much on music here, but I've recently been introduced to the music of Liona Boyd. Clearly I'm a late-comer to her albums, but all I can say is WOW!

Her classical guitar range is just beautiful and inspiring to listen to, but Liona Boyd has done far more than just that. She's got Christmas albums, and in more recent years has begun writing her own songs and composing her own music as well.

I'm particularly fond of this album - Return...To Canada With Love. I have to think it's somehow appropriate that I discovered it this year - Canada's 150th. This one apparently came out in 2013, however, I know that she is still going strong. It's not listed on Amazon as of yet, but I have seen on her website that there is supposed to be a new album coming out some time this year, apparently titled No Remedy For Love, which is also the title of her most recent autobiography.

Coming back to Return...To Canada With Love, quite a few of the songs seem to be autobiographical in nature, referencing events in her life. Others are very environmental in nature - not to mention the indigenous connection in at least one or two songs as well. One of the most amazing songs though is Canada My Canada. The list of singers she has included in that song is amazing.

I've seen reviews of her recent albums comparing her music to that of Enya's, and I have to agree - at least for some of the songs.

Perhaps I'm overstating things a bit, but I have to highly, highly recommend this cd and any of her earlier classical cds. As someone who likes to listen to music while working, I find them absolutely perfect for that, but they are also just wonderful to listen to.


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