Monday, May 10, 2010

More Than Honor - David Weber

More Than Honor: A Beautiful Friendship - David Weber
David Weber
Baen Books
Copyright Date: 1998
ISBN: 978-0671878573

A Beautiful Friendship is the first of three stories in the Honor Harrington anthology More Than Honor. It's also my favorite story of the three. Written by David Weber, the short story tells of the discovery of the treecats, that most intriguing of the Sphynxian inhabitants by humans, and also of the 'cat's investigation of said human newcomers.

Somewhere in the main Honor Harrington books it's said that the first discoverer was one of the Harrington family and that statement is fleshed out here with the story of that meeting between Stephanie Harrington and Climbs Quickly, told from both points of view.

The story is good and exciting, I just wish it was longer. We don't exactly see the consequences of what happened during the story to both characters, although, if you've read the main books, the treecat/human bond is fairly well explained there - though new details come to light in each of the books. It would have been nice to see how things worked out after the immediate story. But that's the way of things in short stories.

Not for people who don't know the world of the Honor Harrington books, the background of the universe is needed for this anthology. Go start with On Basilisk Station, the first book. If you like military science fiction, I'd bet you'll like this series.

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