Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Jungle Book - Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle Book
Rudyard Kipling

The product description:
Children will delight in this unabridged version of Rudyard Kipling’s classics, Jungle Books One and Two! Not only does this attractive volume feature the beloved tales of Mowgli, the “man cub” raised by wolves, and Rikki Tikki Tavi, but also the lesser-known but wonderful stories of Toomai, the boy who gets to see elephants dance; Quiquern, who saves his Eskimo people from starvation; and Kotick, the white seal.
Although the story of Mowgli is perhaps the most famous of the stories in The Jungle Book, it is far from the only one, and the other stories included are just as well written. Each of them brought smiles to my face several times as I read them.

Don't forget about the poetry either. Snatches of the poems are either included as parts of the stories, or are just mentioned, but then the very next chapter of the book is the poem. Some of them are touching, and others are designed to make you laugh.

The Jungle Book was written for a different era in many ways however, and it does show. Britain rules India and much of the surrounding area, and things are very structured. But, children still love animal stories, and that's what all of these are. The stories are all either from the animal's point of view, or animals are completely integral parts of the stories.

Still, they are children's stories and as such, there are things which are glossed over, resulting in stories that are of suitable language for those from about seven to twelve. Of course, that won't stop anyone older from enjoying the stories of The Jungle Book at all. I'd have to say that they're good for anyone over about the age of seven or eight. Certainly the book is a classic.

Read because it came on the Kobo e-reader.
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