Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay

I know it's nothing to do with books at all, but I just have to share these photos from the Olympic Torch Relay this morning. There wasn't much of a crowd at this spot so I got some great photos. I think I'm finally getting into the Olympic spirit.


I knew the torch was going to be passing by that location, but I hadn't expected as good a view as I got (was expecting a lot more people to be there, but most went to the party-spots (I went to one of them later in the morning and it was absolutely packed), so I got a great view (and one of the free flags). I thought all I was going to see was the torch going by. What a surprise when the flame got passed to the next bearer right in front of me. I think the photos tell the story of that well enough on their own.


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures!
Just seeing them gets me a little more excited for the coming Olympic Games.
I "liked" it on Google Reader - does that show up anywhere on any blog? Do you, as blog owner, know?
All the best,

Elena said...

Glad you liked them. I don't know if it shows up anywhere, actually. Thanks though. It's certainly nice to know.


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