Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? January 23

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly way of keeping up with your reading and seeing what everyone else is reading too, hosted by Sheila of One Person's Journey Through A World Of Books.

This week wasn't the best for finishing books:
Dragonseye by Anne McCaffrey. Fiction, Fantasy, read for the All The Books Of Pern Challenge. This is something of an in-between book. They've still got the knowledge of where they came from, bits of the technology are still working, but it's fading. The start of the Pernese culture as we see it in the later books is clearly there. There's lots of different storylines and characters too.

I'm currently reading:
White Tiger by Kylie Chan. Fantasy, Fiction, Urban Fantasy. This one's a re-read, but I'm enjoying it just as much.

By Fire, By Water by Mitchell James Kaplan. Fiction, Historical Fiction I'm more than half way through and enjoying this one. At the same time, it's turning into one of those books where I read a bit and go on to another book then come back to this one.

40 Years Of Queen by Harry Doherty, Brian May and Roger Taylor. Non Fiction, Biography. A wonderfully illustrated history of one of my favourite rock bands. This was a nice surprise under the Christmas tree this year. It's filled with little bits of trivia, letters etc. The kind of book that's got pockets and things to take out and look at. I'm loving it, though there are times when I wish they'd go into more depth. Still, it's making me go "I didn't know about that album" quite a bit.

A Great And Terrible King: Edward I and The Forging Of Britain by Marc Morris. Non Fiction, History, Biography. I picked up this book this week because I finally watched Braveheart and wanted to find out more about the time period and the great figures. I've only just started the read, but I'm finding the book well written and most engaging. Less than a hundred pages in and I've ended up pulling out a notepad and paper while I'm reading to jot down little facts and tidbits that capture my interest and imagination. To be honest, it's slow going, just because I'm reading it that way.

Unnatural Issue by Mercedes Lackey. Fiction, Fantasy. The most recent book in her Elemental Masters series. I'm actually not that far into it yet, but I've got to get moving. This one's a library book and it'll be due back soon.

I'm hoping to read:
You know, I'll just be happy to get through the list above this week.

I also got a couple of books this past week too:
Pride And Prejudice And Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Graham. Fiction, Horror. I think this is the book that kicked off the current Zombie fascination. I will admit to some curiosity after I read Dawn of the Dreadfuls though.

White Horse by Alex Adams. Fiction. This one looks to be quite intriguing. It's another post-apocalyptic novel, but I'm not bored of those yet. Are you?

Rock Band Fights Evil #1 Hell Hound On My Trail by David Butler. Just the title sounded intriguing here. Now I've just got to get around to putting this one on my Vox (e-book).

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