Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dragon Rite #1 - Kristie Lynn Higgins

Dragon Rite #1 Catching Black Fire and The Breaking Dawn Riders
Kristie Lynn Higgins
Pandora Project Publisher
April 2011

The Amazon.com product description:
Candidates assembled to participate in the Dragon Rite, a ceremony to bond with a dragon hatchling. For the candidates to complete the first part of the Dragon Rite, their dragon must attain Breaking Dawn, a hatchling's first flight.

Cara, a girl born into slavery, has a chance to break free of her harsh life. Does she have a chance to become a dragonrider or will destiny deal her an even harsher fate?
 I ran into this title while searching to see if the Harper Hall trilogy by Anne McCaffrey was available in e-book form, and thought it looked neat.

For the most part, I found Dragon Rite to be an interesting short story, although it felt more like the first chapter or so to a longer story - there's clearly more story to be told, going by the ending - rather than a completed story in and of itself.

However, there were a fair number of spelling errors to be found - mostly things where one world has been substituted for the right word - "reins" for "reigns", etc. Aside from that though, I have to say I liked the story, though I don't want to give too much away - Dragon Rite is a short story after all, and not a full length novel. I'd like to see more set in this world though.


Jamie Gibbs said...

I've not paid much attention to short stories, I might pick that up and have a shot at it. Thanks for the review!

Unknown said...

To be honest, neither have I all that much. Thanks for stopping in with a comment.


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