Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dragondrums - Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCaffrey
Simon Pulse
Copyright: 1979

The product description:
In the world of Pern, Harpers with great musical ability are held in extreme regard. This is why the young, mischievous Piemur carries himself with so much pride, for he sings like an angel. But when his voice begins to change, Piemur loses all confidence and questions his role within Harper Hall.
Incapable of singing, Piemur is sent on various errands by Masterharper Robinton, including the task of learning the complicated beats of the messenger drums, Piemur has no clue of the grand adventures that await him, and he'll need to find the courage within himself to survive.
Dragondrums is the conclusion to the Harper Hall trilogy, following on Dragonsong and Dragonsinger. I know that in the past this one wasn't my favourite of the three books, but I really enjoyed the read this time. I still think the book is a bit of a surprise though. The previous two were all about Menolly, and this one's centered on her friend Piemur, which is kind of different in a trilogy, but I found the read a good one this time. Dragondrums is also set a few years after Dragonsong and Dragonsinger.

I have to admit though, that I'm having a bit of trouble placing Dragondrums in terms of the events the book describes. I think it's some time during White Dragon, but it's been so long since I read it that I'm not sure.

Overall though, the story seems to have a bit more adventure to it than the other two, although the cast of characters is a familiar one, and it's full of fun. Somehow this trilogy seems to have a closer feeling to it than the main books Anne McCaffrey's written in the world of Pern. Maybe it's just the perspective the books are written from.

If you're looking for a good introduction to this world, the books of the Harper Hall trilogy work very well in my opinion. They're quick reads that are good for both teens and adults and they serve to explain the world Anne McCaffrey's created - social structures, problems etc, very well. I definitely recommend them.

Read for the All The Books of Pern challenge (I keep wanting to type "All The Weyrs of Pern" which is the title of one of the books instead of the challenge name. :) )


Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Oh Anne...why did you have to leave us? She sure could command a premium on cover art.

Unknown said...

She did have some gorgeous art on her books, Michael. I miss the artwork on the copies I used to have for these books.

Jill said...

This was the series that turned me into an avid fantasy/sf reader when I was a kid. I've read the first two in this trilogy to my kids. I'd better read this to them too, soon, before they get too old and won't let me read to them anymore!

Unknown said...

That sounds like a good idea, Darla. Here's hoping they like it.

Thanks for commenting.


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