Friday, February 18, 2011

Owlsight - Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey
Daw Books
Copyright: 1999

The product description:
It has been four years since Darian saw his village sacked and burned by barbarians. Taking refuge with the Hawkbrothers, he soon finds his life's calling--as a Healing Adept. But even as he learns the mystical ways of this ancient race, Darian cannot escape the dangers threatening his future. Another tribe of barbarians is approaching. The time has stand up and fight.
Owlsight is the second book in the trilogy about Darian. Fair warning: at this time there isn't a review of Owlflight (the first book in the set) planned, as I simply skipped reading that book. You know you've re-read a series enough times when you can simply pick it up at any time and point in the books.

Although the whole set is about Darian, Owlsight does introduce several new characters who quickly caught my attention - particularly Keisha, who's acting as the Errold's Grove healer, even though she's not fully trained in her Gift.

Yes, Owlsight is set in the world of Valdemar, specifically after the Mage Storms. One of the things that makes this set of books different from most of the others is that although it is set in the country of Valdemar, the Heralds aren't the central characters, nor is it set within Haven and the Palace. Instead the characters are more ordinary - if you can call a Healing Adept normal. But still, their concerns and interests make them more so.

I love getting a better picture of how the people actually live. Keisha spends part of the book doing embroidery and making threads etc. I love the beginning part of the book where she's discussing finding and making a good red dye - and then she's using it. And you see how the village actually works. The mayor, the interactions and all that.

Also, like many of Mercedes Lackey's books, Owlsight is just as suited for teen readers as it is for adults, and I think the story would interest them too.

But this is also a middle book, to be honest. It leaves quite a bit to be finished in the third book of the series - Owlknight. Still, I really like it, especially in the hardcover, where the spectacular illustrations by Larry Dixon really shine.

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