Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Book Rambling: Jagged Pages

There's been what seems to be a growing trend in book publishing in recent years, I've found: the use of jagged pages (what I understand to be termed "deckled") in books. The first book I remember noticing this in was either the trade paperback edition of The Sorcerer: Metamorphosis or The Sorcerer: The Fort At The River's Bend.

Since then, I've found it in a number of books - mostly in the trade paperbacks. Editions of Lisa See's book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, for example. Although, the Fagles translation of The Aeneid is a hardcover with a deckled edge to the page. But, most of the time I see these books, it's the trade-paperbacks, and generally in the fiction department.

Personally, these jagged edges are something I find somewhat annoying - mostly because they get in the way of turning the pages easily. Instead of getting one page, half the time, it ends up being several, all the way to the next page that's sticking out the most. Reading these, forces me to change the way I hold and turn the pages: from the top or bottom, rather than the side (once or twice, it's been enough to make me accidentally rip the page a bit), or it slows down my reading by making me flip back and forth a few times to get to the page I want.

What's your take on deckled or jagged edges on a book? Not something to be bothered about? an annoyance? or does it factor into your enjoyment of a book at all or not?

My other question on the topic is whether or not the use of these edges is growing or not (meaning was I just not being observant before and not noticing them)?
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