Friday, November 25, 2016

What Would You Recommend? - Biographies of the Royal Family

I never thought I'd be posting from this series again! I no longer work in a bookstore, so I'm no longer hunting for recommendations for customers.

However, the internet is still a very helpful resource. I'm asking for myself this time as I know that there are bound to be lots of books on the topic this time and I'm most definitely feeling a bit lazy (and buried in jobs over the next month).

I've mentioned in a couple of different posts now (Netflix and Crafting comes to mind) that I've been watching the Netflix series The Crown. I'm only a few episodes in and I'm completely hooked! Anyway, while I'm fairly certain that the broad strokes of the show are accurate - given the likely hood of transcripts for speeches, and newspaper recordings for a lot of the events being portrayed - I'm rather curious to know how much of the show might have been slanted to increase the drama levels. As a result, I'm interested in finding some good biographies of the Royal Family - especially Queen Elizabeth.

Until I started watching the show, I didn't realize how little of the time period I really know about. Now, of course, I want to learn a bit more. This always happens to me when I watch a historically-based movie or TV show.

So, what biographies would you recommend?

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