Thursday, October 24, 2013

Goldberry CAL Day 28 (I think)

I think it's day 28, anyway. To be honest, I'm slowing down a bit with the crocheting. Two reasons. The first is that I've been incredibly busy and trying to squeeze in both reading and crochet is a fun challenge. One or two pages here, ten stitches there. It took me several days to get through row 33, although only one day for row 34.

The second reason is that the rows themselves are getting longer. Row 34 is up to 245 stitches. By the end of the shawl, the number of stitches per row will be over 500.

I'm still liking the way the color changes are working out, although I kind of wish the intermediate grey runs were a bit longer to make the changes a bit more gradual. As the shawl rows get longer, the changes between the rows are more abrupt and noticeable.

The rows are a bit easier, despite being longer, simply because I'm into repeats so I'm starting to recognize that "oh this is the row that does 'that'" so I'm not having to check the pattern quite as much, although I'm definitely relying on the diagrams and charts almost more than the written pattern. Even so, there's the odd mistake/mis-count that I'm having to fudge around. So far, that has simply consisted of reducing skipped stitches by one, or slipping an extra stitch into the final stitches of the previous row.

My Jenny-cat definitely approves of this shawl though.
I turned my back for a couple of minutes while I was taking photographs and this was the result.

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