Thursday, September 5, 2013

Grow Old Along With Me - Lee Barwood - Short Story

Grow Old Along With Me
Lee Barwood
Catfantastic V
Copyright: 1999

On my last read through of Catfantastic V, which I have read and reviewed on here before, it was Lee Barwood's short story Grow Old Along With Me that really stuck in my head as a favorite story.

This is a story that I really wish could be true for so many people. And yet some parts of the story are too true as it is. Reading Grow Old Along With Me left me with a lump in my throat this last time, and I'm re-reading it now as I write this review with the same result.

The story is told from two points of view. That of the cat, and that of Eric, husband and caregiver. His wife has Alzheimer's and he's determined to care for her at home as long as he can. The relationship between the two is so beautifully described - both the past and the present.

One thing about Grow Old Along With Me is that it reminds me in a way of the P.M. Griffin short stories I've reviewed from other Catfantastic anthologies: In Bastet's Service and Partners. At the same time it's completely it's own story and world.

I just wish the ending of this story wasn't fiction and could happen in our world. Such a beautiful story that leaves me going "if only" and "I wish" every time I read it.
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