Saturday, September 28, 2013

Goldberry CAL Day 3

I'm still going strong on the Goldberry Shawl CAL (Crochet-A-Long) that I'm participating in over on Ravelry. Today took me to the end of Row 13.
The color changes are starting to show up, and I'm liking the way they're turning out.  We'll have to see how they continue to work though, as the rows get longer. I'm liking the Paton's Lace yarn works up in terms of texture, although I'm coming up with more questions about it, such as how well it blocks, being mostly acrylic.

One of the neat things with this shawl is the way the pattern is designed to tell the story of the Hobbits' journey to Rivendell, with each row or few rows representing part of the trip. For example, row 13, where I've left off for the night is the start of the section labeled "With Nine Black Riders At Your Tail". It just makes the pattern that much more fun, although I'm looking ahead, and wondering why there's a "Bilbo" row as part of the next section, titled "To Bucklebury Ferry Just In Time".

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