Saturday, January 16, 2010

John Rateliff's Tolkien Recommendations

John Rateliff (The author of the History Of The Hobbit books) posted a list of recommended reading on his blog if you're interested in Tolkien's life and his works. All of the books are secondary sources and he's assuming the reader is fairly familiar with The Lord Of The Rings and Tolkien's other books.
The link is here.

To be honest, I have most of the books on the list, even though I've only read about half of them.


Emma Michaels said...

Thanks for the tip! Even if I already have them all.


Unknown said...

It is nice to see what the authors writing about Tolkien think are the best books.

Most of those are books I was recommended over at the LOTR Fanatics Plaza. The fun is finding them if you don't have them already.


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