Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekly Geeks

I've never participated in a Weekly Geeks post before, but this one is right up my alley:

I think just about every reader has a least one book that they've been meaning to read for awhile (months or even years) but, for one reason or another, they just haven't gotten around to it. Maybe it's a book a friend recommended last year, or a title you've flirted with in a bookstore on more than one occasion, or maybe it's a book that's sitting right there on your bookshelf, patiently waiting for you to pick it up -- but the thought is always there, in the back of your mind: Why haven't I read this yet?

This week, tell us about a book (or books) you have been meaning to read. What is it? How long have you wanted to read it? And, why haven't you read it yet?
I've got almost too many books to chose from to answer this question. Enough so that I've made a list of the books and posted it to try and prune it down.

The book I've chosen for the answer to this is Diana Gabaldon's A Breath Of Snow And Ashes.

I've had it since the week it first came out in hardcover. According to, that was back in 2005, so the book has spent about four years and counting on my TBR pile. The reason I haven't read it yet is because A Breath Of Snow and Ashes is the sequel to The Fiery Cross, and I feel like I need to re-read that book before I can read this one. And, I just can't seem to get through the other book again. I'm going to have to read A Breath of Snow And Ashes soon though, as it's created a bottleneck in my reading. There's two other Diana Gabaldon's waiting for me to finish this one, and now, her next one is due out at the end of September.

Anyway, this book is the next one in the story of Claire and Jamie Fraiser, the series that began with Outlander. The other books in the series are: Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager, The Drums of Autumn, and The Fiery Cross. There's also a series of stories about Lord John Grey, a recurring figure in the Outlander series.


Marg said...

With the next book due to come out in September, the pressure must be mounting. I ended up listening to A Breath of Snow and Ashes on audio and it worked better for me.

Unknown said...

The stumbling point for me is Fiery Cross. I loved it when I first read it (around when it first came out), but I just haven't managed to read it since.

I'm not big on audio books, or I'd give that a try (my one exception is the BBC Radio Plays of Tolkien's books).


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