Monday, August 17, 2009

Mailbox Monday - August 17

This is one of my favorite weekly posts. Mailbox Monday is hosted each week by Marcia of The Printed Page blog, and as she warns, it can lead to growing TBR piles.

I've got a large number of books to list this week (First, I made a trip to my favorite used book store, and, second, I got hooked on the Stargate books, as well as the TV show), so I hope nobody minds if I skip adding the blurb for each one.

  1. Sword and Sorceress ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley
  2. Sword and Sorceress V ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley
  3. Sword and Sorceress VII ed. Marion Zimmer Bradley
  4. Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey
  5. Trading In Danger by Elizabeth Moon
  6. Against The Odds by Elizabeth Moon
  7. For Us. The Living by Robert A Heinlein
  8. The Parafaith War by L. E. Modesitt Jr.
  9. Chalice by Robin McKinley
  10. Stargate SG.1: The First Amendment by Ashely McConnell
  11. Stargate SG.1: Roswell by Sonny Whitelaw and Jennifer Fallon
  12. Stargate SG.1: Alliances by Karen Miller
  13. Stargate SG.1: Relativity by James Swallow
  14. Stargate SG.1: Do No Harm by Karen Miller
  15. Stargate Retribution by Bill McCay
  16. Stargate Reconnissance by Bill McCay
  17. Stargate Retaliation by Bill McCay


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Wow! Great list. I love shopping the used books store.

Unknown said...

It's a lot of fun to do. Besides, if you run a credit at one it can be a great way to try out new authors and books without going to a lot of expense (take the book back if you don't like it).

The scary thing is, about half of the books on this list this week didn't come from the used book store.


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