Thursday, August 20, 2009

Stargate Novel: The First Amendment - Ashely McConnell

Stargate SG1 the First Amendment
Ashley McConnell
Copyright Date: 2000
The jacket description:
The right to know...

From the very beginning, the success of the Stargate project hinged on one vital factor - absolute secrecy. The world remains ignorant of the Goa'uld and the war being waged in space, and that's just the way the Stargate command wants it. But their secret may not stay that way for long...

A young reporter has been smuggled into the most restricted area of the Cheyenne Mountain base. He's witnessed the Stargate in action, and wants answers. But he'll get much more than a headline when Colonel Jack O'Neill and his team decide to show him exactly how dangerous the universe can be...

I've recently gotten hooked on the Stargate TV series, and so, seeing this book in the store, I had to give it a try. Even though I'm only eight episodes into the first season, I found that The First Amendment had me hooked almost instantly. I know it's not the first of the Stargate novels, but I found that I wasn't too lost when I was reading it.

Ashley McConnell seems to have the character "voices" and attitudes matching the show as far as I can tell. Looking at the list of her other novels, novelizations for TV shows seems to be her particular niche. I saw a Highlander novel, Quantum Leap and several other Stargate novels listed under her name as well.

Stargate SG1 The First Amendment is a short novel, but that made it a nice change from the other books I've been reading lately (all of which were well over three hundred pages, and usually closer to six hundred). Definitely good for any fan of the Stargate series(es), and lovers of action/adventure/science fiction novels.

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