Friday, February 6, 2009

Dream Warrior - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dream Warrior
Sherrilyn Kenyon
St. Martin's Press
Copyright: 2009

From the back of the book:

We are the Dolophoni. Diligent. Vigilant. Fierce and inescapable. Servants of the Furies, we are the right hand of justice and no one stands before us...

The son of Warcraft and Hate, Cratus spent eternity battling for the ancient gods who birthed him. He was death to any who crossed him. Until the day he laid down his arms and walked into self-imposed exile. Now an ancient enemy has been unleashed and our dreams are his chosen battlefield. The only hope we have is the one god who swears he will never fight again.

Dream Warrior

As a Dream-Hunter, Delphine has spent eternity protecting mankind from the predators who prey on our unconscious state. But now that her allies have been turned, she knows that in order to survive, the Dream-Hunters need a new leader. Someone who can train them to fight their new enemies. Cratus is her only hope. But she is a bitter reminder of why he chose to lay down his arms.

Time is running out and if she can't win him to her cause, mankind will be slaughtered and the world we know will soon cease to exist.

Dream Warrior, the latest of the Sherrilyn Kenyon novels and the sequel to One Silent Night is the most recent book set in the Dark-Hunter world. It is also the third in what I'm calling the 'new' series, where the events of the previous books play a serious role in the current one. Previously (up to about Acheron), it was easily possible to read the books in any order and not get too confused. Now, half of the characters have been introduced in previous books and the events certainly have been. I'm starting to feel like I need a chart of who's who for the characters, both good and evil.

I enjoyed the read, even though it was over a bit sooner than I'd have liked: the font size in Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest two has been a bit larger than normal, although not as bad as in Upon The Midnight Clear, which is more like a large-print book. I'm also waiting for the next book as, other than the obligatory happy ending, none of the issues raised in this book were resolved. Certainly not the victory against the current evil!

Nick, the Squire turned Dark-Hunter back in the earliest books is starting to reappear in the most recent couple of books, which is neat. Now, if only we'd get some updates on how the other characters from the early books, such as Fang and family are doing. There've been some hints in the early books that there's quite a story there, and I for one am waiting to read it. For now, though it seems as though Kenyon's focus has shifted from the Dark-Hunters and the Were-Hunters to the Dream-Hunters.

One thing I've got to say about this world is it's always growing. Each book opens some new aspect for our reading pleasure (and most of the time it is a reading pleasure with this series). It's interesting to see the characters of the Greek pantheon as they were characterized in myth in the modern day. They certainly don't seem to have changed much!

Honestly, I can't wait for the next book in the series, and this seems to be a series that isn't going to be ending soon. There's always another character Kenyon can focus on and come up with a new story. Sure the characters follow a particular pattern, but this is a romance series after all. It doesn't get in the way of the story.


Alaine said...

I've read Sword of Darkness that Kenyon wrote under Kinley Macgregor.

Alaine said...

I meant to say before I published was that I enjoyed it but haven't read any more yet.

Unknown said...

I have that pair of books, but haven't read them yet. Probably should though before they become candidates for the TBR challenge (i.e. owned for more than three months before reading).


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