Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mercedes Lackey & Andre Norton: Elvenborn

Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton
TOR Books
Copyright 2002
ISBN: 0312864566

The third book in the Elvenbane, Elvenblood, Elvenborn sequence, and so far, the last.

This book evolves the Elvenlords from the villains of the first book (with the exception of Valyn) a process which started in the second (Sheyrena and Lady Moth). The background and history of the Elvenlords is more explained as well.

We see a number of returning characters (Triana and others) as well as new ones. One neat link between the first book and this one is the appearance of Kaeth, the brother of Serena, mother of Shana. In The Elvenbane it is said that he was taken away for training as an assassin, but never actually was a character in the story.

Will there be a sequel? Its been six years since Elvenborn came out, and in that time period, Andre Norton died. Is Mercedes Lackey going to continue this series on her own?

It would be interesting to see more books in the series, so long as they don't end up repeating what's already happened, but instead cover new ground. There's still no conclusion to the Young Lords' rebellion, a slave revolt is brewing, and there have been murmurs already in Elvenborn of breaking the treaty between the Elvenlords and the Halfbloods/Wizards. Of course, with the last one, we've already seen one war between the two sides.

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