Saturday, January 26, 2008

1984 - George Orwell

George Orwell
Signet Books
Copyright: 1950
ISBN: 0451524934

I'd never read this science fiction classic before, or any others by George Orwell, and while it was a good read, I found it to be very uncomfortable as well. It's interesting how, even though it was written so long ago, it's not especially dated when you read it today.

Actually, with so much being computerized, some of the things in that book could be even easier today, such as editing history every time something happens.

1984 had to be the 'original' book for the idea of constant surveillance, something I've seen in other books such as Marion Zimmer Bradley's Traitors Sun. In any book I see it in, the idea is downright scary.

I still can't make head or tail of the ending of 1984, partly because, I guess, I was getting more and more uncomfortable and doing more and more skimming, to be honest.

I did find the insights in the excerpts of the Brotherhood's book to be fascinating, along with the afterword.

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