Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday Thingers - Sept. 8, 2009

Tuesday Thingers is hosted each Tuesday at Wendi's Book Corner.
This week's questions:
Have you explored the Series feature of your Statistics? Were you surprised by how many series you have/haven't read? Were your series mostly complete, or did you find that you had only read one book from a lot of different series? What was the largest number of books in a series? Feel free to answer a few or all of these questions. :)
My personal listing (counted in my head) runs to between eighteen and twenty series, and it's incomplete. Adding in the ones from the series post takes it to 25. How to count series like the Valdemar books where there are a bunch of trilogies set in the same world? I've just counted them as one series.

I read series a lot (I've got an entry where I list the series I read, just so I can keep track) I've got a question in return for you: How accurate do you think the Series statistic on LibraryThing is? I took a look at it today and I've got to say: Not Very! At least half the series I read are in there multiple times.

The LibraryThing listing for series for me is definitely tending towards incomplete as I'm generally adding fiction only as I read the books (trying to delay the need to actually pay for my account as long as possible), and some of the series listed, I've read all of them (multiple times, in some cases). The non-fiction series tended towards just the one book in the series, while fiction tends to be more complete (whether it's complete on LibraryThing is another question entirely as again, I don't tend to list books I don't own, or have yet to read/re-read and review)

Anyway, according to LibraryThing, I've been reading from 52 series. Now, as I've already noted, the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs is in there at least three times. Same for the Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey. It's a neat thing to keep track of though.


caite said...

I agree, that as with all thing LT, there can be some issues with how things are listed. Since we Library Thingers have added all the info, there can be mistakes, which we then need to tidy up.

but all in all, mine is pretty accurate. I love being able to see the whole series on LT, if I am interested in getting the next one of a series that I have not finished.

Unknown said...

That's the really fun part about LibraryThing: the way it's the users that add the information (which is why I haven't so much. I'm a bit nervous about making a mistake with what I add).


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