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Upcoming New Releases

It looks like it's going to be a very good few months for new releases. Mercedes Lackey, Kylie Chan, David Weber, Michelle Moran, Jack Whyte and more. All of them have at least one book coming out.

For Kylie Chan, it's an entire trilogy that's going to be available. Like last year with White Tiger and sequels, it's coming out one per month in September, October and November.

Earth To Hell: Journey To Wudang: Book One
Kylie Chan
Release Date: September 25, 2012

The product description:
A fabulous story of gods and demons, shapeshifters and martial arts . . .

It is eight years since Xuan Wu, God of the Northern Heavens, living in Hong Kong as wealthy businessman John Chen, was exiled from the mortal realm. Emma Donahoe and Simone, John's daughter, are facing a new series of threats, while their best fighter, Leo, sits in Hell. They must persuade him to come home . . . but, in Hell, nothing is as it appears.

On Earth, Simon Wong, the Demon King's son, is no longer around to trouble them, but his associates have taken over Simon's underworld activities. The otherworldly stones are being targeted and are in danger of their kind being completely destroyed.

It seems that the Demon King is the only one Emma can turn to for help . . .
Hell To Heaven: Journey To Wudang: Book Two
Kylie Chan
Release Date: October 30, 2012

Currently there's no product description on or the Chapters/Indigo website.

Heaven To Wudang: Journey To Wudang: Book Three
Kylie Chan
Release Date: November 27, 2012

The product description:
The third book in an addictive new urban fantasy series of gods and demons, martial arts and mythology, from the author of White Tiger. Ancient Chinese mythology comes to life in this bestselling series of martial arts and demons, dragons and gods, legends and lies ...and a journey to the depths of Hell. The demons that could control stones and elementals have been defeated, but the most powerful of Simon Wong's associates still remains - the one who can create almost undetectable copies of humans and Shen. This demon has allied with Kitty Kwok and together they plot to trap Emma and Simone in a web of copies. Wudang Mountain is enveloped by dark foreboding as Xuan Wu begins to reappear - sometimes human, sometimes turtle, but always without memory. Emma and Simone must race from Hong Kong to Hanoi as they try to rescue Xuan Wu before the demons capture him.
The first trilogy, Dark Heavens, by Kylie Chan was one of my favourites last year. All I know at this point for the Journey To Wudang books is that I've been looking forward to reading these since I finished Blue Dragon.

Mercedes Lackey has several books coming out over the next few months as well. The one I'm looking forward to the most is Redoubt, the fourth book in the Collegium Chronicles series.

Redoubt: Book Four of the Collegium Chronicles
Mercedes Lackey
DAW Books
Release Date: October 2, 2012

There's no product description yet, but this is the sequel to Foundation, Intrigues and Changes. I for one, am looking forward to more adventures with Mags, Bear and the rest of that group.

Elemental Magic: All New Tales of the Elemental Masters
Mercedes Lackey
Release Date: December 4, 2012

Again, there's no product description, but I'm willing to guess that instead of the usual Christmas Valdemar short story anthology, that it's going to be an anthology of short stories set in the Elemental Masters universe. Should be interesting to see what takes other authors have - not to mention who the authors might be. I wouldn't mind seeing some of the same names I've seen in the Valdemar anthologies.

The Ship Who Searched
Mercedes Lackey and Anne McCaffrey
Release Date: February 5, 2013

The Indigo/Chapters product description:
Tia Cade is a headstrong, smart, and very normal girl-until she contracts a terrible illness that leaves her with the bare semblance of life. Tia's only hope: to become the oldest person ever to train to be one of the legendary star travelers, the brainships  But now that Tia is free of her ravaged body, there still remains the task of finding the right partner to be her Brawn, the human element every brainship requires. And when the disease that debilitated Tia threatens thousands more, selecting a Brawn who is her true soul mate may allow Tia to find the origin of the terrible plague-and perhaps even a cure.  25th Anniversary edition featuring a new introduction by Mercedes Lackey.

My reaction on this one is: "it's been twenty five years already?" I've loved this book for quite a while now - it's my favourite of the Brainships series. I know it's not exactly a new release, but I'm including it here anyway. On the other hand, as glad as I am to see it re-released, I have to say that I prefer the original cover art.

This isn't the first time that The Ship Who Searched has been re-released. Back in 2003 it came out as a part of the book Brain Ships, which also contained the novel PartnerShips.

I'm definitely looking forward to Jo Graham's next book, which seems to be following on a trend in historical fiction - though I shouldn't say that quite as I think The General's Mistress has been in the works for a long time. Still, there seems to be an up-surge of novels set in the last few centuries in France:

The General's Mistress
Jo Graham
Release Date: October 23, 2012

The product description:
Liberté, Egalité, Sensualité. . . .

As a spirit of change overturns Europe’s old order, strong-willed Elzelina Versfelt enters her own age of revolution. Married as a romantic young girl to a man who wanted only her money, but neither loves nor desires her, Elza refuses to be chained any longer. Leaving Amsterdam, her marriage, and her home, she flees to France—where the old rules no longer apply, debauchery is not a sin . . . and nothing is forbidden.

Yet Elza finds herself bound in a new way, to the ambitious General Moreau. And while they share pleasure, pain, and carnal adventures, she dreams of another man, an unruly red-haired soldier she first saw in the promise of a Tarot card. Drawn by this half-real, half-imagined hero, Elza defies her relationship with Moreau, and begins a perilous search across war-torn Europe. . . . But will this woman with the instincts of a survivor, the passion of a courtesan, and the gift of second sight ever find the destiny for which she has risked it all?

This stunning novel blends history with the language of the heart to tell a sensual story of an era of upheaval . . . and of the clamoring, dangerous desires of a woman’s soul.
After reading Jo Graham's novels sent in the ancient world, I'm interested to see how she handles more recent history. And the cover art looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Second Empress: A Novel Of Napoleon's Court
Michelle Moran
Release Date: August 14, 2013

The product description:
National bestselling author Michelle Moran returns to Paris, this time under the rule of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte as he casts aside his beautiful wife to marry a Hapsburg princess he hopes will bear him a royal heir

   After the bloody French Revolution, Emperor Napoleon’s power is absolute. When Marie-Louise, the eighteen year old daughter of the King of Austria, is told that the Emperor has demanded her hand in marriage, her father presents her with a terrible choice: marry the cruel, capricious Napoleon, leaving the man she loves and her home forever, or say no, and plunge her country into war.
   Marie-Louise knows what she must do, and she travels to France, determined to be a good wife despite Napoleon’s reputation. But lavish parties greet her in Paris, and at the extravagant French court, she finds many rivals for her husband’s affection, including Napoleon’s first wife, Joséphine, and his sister Pauline, the only woman as ambitious as the emperor himself. Beloved by some and infamous to many, Pauline is fiercely loyal to her brother. She is also convinced that Napoleon is destined to become the modern Pharaoh of Egypt. Indeed, her greatest hope is to rule alongside him as his queen—a brother-sister marriage just as the ancient Egyptian royals practiced. Determined to see this dream come to pass, Pauline embarks on a campaign to undermine the new empress and convince Napoleon to divorce Marie-Louise.
   As Pauline’s insightful Haitian servant, Paul, watches these two women clash, he is torn between his love for Pauline and his sympathy for Marie-Louise. But there are greater concerns than Pauline’s jealousy plaguing the court of France. While Napoleon becomes increasingly desperate for an heir, the empire’s peace looks increasingly unstable. When war once again sweeps the continent and bloodshed threatens Marie-Louise’s family in Austria, the second Empress is forced to make choices that will determine her place in history—and change the course of her life.
   Based on primary resources from the time, The Second Empress takes readers back to Napoleon’s empire, where royals and servants alike live at the whim of one man, and two women vie to change their destinies.
I'm going to have to say that based on Michelle Moran's other books, this looks like it's going to be a really good read.

OK, I'll admit this one is a bit of an oddity. Still I think it's neat - even though there's no way I'll be able to read it. My latin's just not that good.

Hobbitus Ille: The Hobbit (Latin and English Edition)
J.R.R. Tolkien and Mark Walker
Release Date: September 13, 2012

The product description:
Fascinating for Latin learners and for Tolkien fans of all ages, The Hobbit has been translated into Latin for the first time since its publication 75 years ago.

In foramine terrae habitabat hobbitus. (‘In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit.’)

The Hobbit, is one of the world’s most popular classic stories, appealing to adults as much as to the children for whom J.R.R. Tolkien first wrote the book. Translated worldwide into more than 60 modern languages, now Hobbitus Ille is finally published in Latin, and will be of interest to all those who are studying the language, whether at school or at a higher level.

In the great tradition of publishing famous children’s books in Latin, professional classicist and lifelong Tolkien fan Mark Walker provides a deft translation of the entire book. His attention to detail, including the transformation of Tolkien’s songs and verses into classical Latin metres, will fascinate and entertain readers of all ability, even those with only a minimal acquaintance with the language.
As weird as it sounds, I want to add this to my collection.


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