Saturday, December 3, 2011

Saturday Snapshot - December 3

Saturday Snapshots is hosted each week over at Alyce's blog, At Home With Books. Thanks for keeping this little piece of fun going every week, Alyce.

My post is ridiculously late this week, but I'm glad of it, because I can use a couple of photos I took today. I just can't choose between them though.
We went snowshoeing for what might as well have been my first time. I had gone once before, but that was way back when, when I was in the Girl Guides. Ended up having a heck of a lot of fun today, and I can't wait go again. I'm no expert, but the snowshoes I used were wonderful: light, comfortable, and the bindings were so easy to use.

Unfortunately, I decided at the last minute not to take my camera, figuring that with the cloudy sky, I wouldn't have much opportunity for taking photos. Thankfully I had the camera on my phone, which is how I got these pictures.

The first is across what we think is a frozen lake, and it was spectacular, and the second photo is a close-up of some of the snow that had fallen on the tree-branches, taken with the flash on.

The crystal formations are so neat in this. It's snow, but it looks like a giant frost of sorts.

Most of the people we came across on the trail didn't use poles, but I did, and I found them to be so helpful - especially when dealing with hills, and they were a comfort for some of the narrower bridges as well, as the effect may well be as much mental as physical. I just felt that much steadier.

I can't wait to go snowshoeing again soon! Next time though, I'm taking the camera with me.


Alyce said...

I can't believe that you have so much snow and even a frozen lake already! It's just never that cold in the valley here in Oregon, so it's hard to imagine.

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

Yuck. That all looks way too cold.

Unknown said...

Alyce, it's not like that everywhere! Those were taken at the top of one of the local mountains, in the ski area, which is shared with snowshoe trails. Thanks for commenting though.

Not too cold, Michael, at least not if you layer up properly. Thanks for stopping in with a comment.

Trish said...

I love the forest in wintertime! It's so quiet and fresh. Your photos are lovely :) I still haven't got the hang of snowshoeing, though.

Unknown said...

Thanks Trish. I was surprised, I thought snowshoeing would be more difficult than it turned out to be.

Louise said...

Glad you had your phone to capture some images. The first one is so very beautiful. The second one entrancing.

Unknown said...

Thanks Louise. The snow is so gorgeous.


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