Thursday, November 24, 2011

Restoree - Anne McCaffrey

Anne McCafrey
Del Rey
Copyright: 1967

The teaser from the copy I have:
She was walking in Central Park when it happened...
And afterwards...after it was over...she found she had a new and beautiful body...a new and beautiful face. She was apparently a nurse in a "home" controlled by guards, doctors, drugs and barred windows. But Sara knew she was not a nurse, and that the man was not an idiot. In fact, he was Harlan, Regent of Lothar...

But what - and where - was Lothar?
According to the io9 obituary for Anne McCaffrey who died earlier this week, Restoree was her first novel - one of the reasons I picked the book to re-read now. I have to say, I ended up with mixed feelings about the book. I think, that was at least in part due to how long ago it was originally published, but still some of the assumptions the characters make rather had me cringing. For example, near the beginning of the book, Sara's mother dismisses her feelings with "She's ill." and her father blames it all on "too much education".

On the other hand, this is a novel that is still in print, almost fifty years later now. Although, the current cover is not, perhaps, the greatest. There's something about it that makes me think "Romance novel" rather than science fiction. Not that the cover on my copy is too much better. But, I was lucky enough to find it one day in a thrift store in the U.K.

Still, if you're looking for a quick read, and willing to close your eyes to some issues that rather date the book, Restoree is a good one. I've read it before, and I'm absolutely certain that I will end up reading it again at some point.

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