Friday, June 12, 2009

Book Rambling: Cookbooks

If you're going to post about a cookbook, at what point do you feel it is fair to review it?

Surely it would take too long to try every recipe, but when do you think you've given a book a fair shake? I'm wondering because I have an ever growing collection of cookbooks that I've bought. Some of them I haven't tried any recipes from yet, others I've only done a few. The latest addition is Jamie's Food Revolution, which I bought tonight, and I have to say, looks very good. Of course, I'm no expert cook.

On a semi-related thread, what attracts you to a particular cookbook? The author (or other major figure involved)? Is it a T.V. show you've followed? the layout of the book? or is it some other reason entirely?

For myself, it's a combination of the recipes and the layout. The majority have to be not too complicated, and be something I think I'd like to eat. I'm also attracted by the format used in all three of the books above, where every recipe has its' photo. I don't watch cooking shows, so although I'm aware that a particular chef has a show, it doesn't otherwise (as far as I'm aware, anyway) affect my choice.

Jamie's Food Revolution has taken that one step further, and given a step by step series of photos for the preparation of the dish as well as a picture of the finished result.

How about you?
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