Friday, January 30, 2009

TBR Challenge Lite

Given that I've already decided to get a number of my unread books read this year, I have just signed up for the TBR Challenge Lite (version B). It looks like it will be fun, although I haven't yet set a reading list for this challenge. I'm tempted to just take books off of my existing 'To Read' list that I've already posted to All Booked Up.

One thing I'm sure of it that it will end up being a mix of both fiction and non fiction books.

So far, the books I've read for this challenge:
Tangled Webs by Anne Bishop
The Shadow of Saginami by David Weber
Island In the Sea of Time by S. M. Stirling
Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton
Bess Of Hardwick by Mary S. Lovell
Standard Of Honor by Jack Whyte

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