Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Back From Camping

I've been back for a couple of days now, but was busy finishing off the Berkley Indexing Course, as the deadline for that was today. Camping was lots of fun, several days of kayaking, fishing and hiking at one of my favourite campgrounds. We've taken the kayaks there for the day once, but not for a full-on camping trip before.

This time we did something a bit different too - took a regular step-ladder to make it possible to set up the tarps higher up. Worth doing again, because we had the tarps set high enough that it was possible to safely have them covering the fire-pit (so long as it wasn't a raging high fire).

Quite a few of the tarps we use are older ones, still good, except some of the grommets have been ripped out by wind and ropes over the years, but we tried and found an incredible fix, the EZ-Grabbit Tarp Holder. Simple to put together, and you know what, they held the tarps far more effectively and with fewer leaks than the pony clips we'd been using before this trip.

And leaks were definitely a concern. It rained for at least part of the day every day but the last that we were there. Even so, we had a fire every morning and another each evening, and generally enjoyed ourselves completely with only a couple of drips to worry about from between the tarps.

It was also fun poking around the other sites in the campground. Usually they're all inhabited, but this time the whole site was nearly empty. The things you find sometimes. One site was full of nice, long pieces of rope and cord as though someone had taken down their tarps but couldn't be bothered to untie all the other ends of the ropes. So, we added to our stash of rope.

No photos to show, even though we saw things we'd have loved to photograph, including raccoons and birds. It was just too wet to want to take the cameras out.

I did manage to finish reading one of my books - still need to review it though: Facing The Text by Do Mi Stauber. I've mentioned it in a couple of places here over the last couple of months. Now it's been read, I just need to review it.

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