Thursday, February 21, 2013

Libraries are "no longer relevant"?

I can't believe this one. Author Terry Deary is quoted as saying that libraries have had their day and that there is no entitlement to read for free.

The entire article is from the Christian Science Monitor, here. To me at least, his entire argument makes no sense at all.

As someone who loves libraries, (and who, by the way, has ended up going out and buying a lot of books after borrowing them) his argument that libraries hurt authors and publishers because people will read their books from the library instead of buying them is complete nonsense.

Terry Deary is, by the way, the author of the Horrible Histories series, which, irony of ironies is in 7th place for most borrowed children's books in the libraries of the United Kingdom.

What do you think? Does his argument make sense to you?
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