Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Crochet Books

Or, maybe I should say "New to me" as both books are at least a couple of years old. The first is one I saw a couple of years ago, and loved - I just didn't feel confident enough at the time to even think of attempting the projects included. Now, it's a different story, having completed a shawl and started another:

Crocheted Afghans - Melody Griffiths
Crocheted Afghans: 25 Throws, Wraps and Blankets to Crochet
Melody Griffiths
Cima Books
Copyright: 2009

The product description:
Fill your home with splashes of color with any of these 25 beautiful throws and wraps. Whether you want to make a lovely quilt to pass down from generation to generation or a fireside blanket for winter nights, you will be sure to find a project to cherish as you transform your yarn into a wonderful range of fabrics. The designs for this stunning collection of crocheted afghans, comforters, blankets, and more are inspired by a whole range of sources. You can get an heirloom effect with wraps and throws based on antique lace and traditional textiles or, if your dream is of pioneer patchwork, try one of the patterns influenced by everything American--from Navajo motifs to crazy quilt patchwork. All the information you need is here, provided in a way that is so simple to understand, with charts and detailed instructions for 25 projects, plus 10 extra ideas for ways of using the same instructions to make larger or smaller items, such as bed covers or pillows. And don't be afraid of the professional, luscious look of the blankets you see in the photos--the designs have been created with simplicity in mind, so even novice crocheters will produce exquisite pieces in no time at all. Many of the projects are made up of small, easy-to-work-with squares and motifs, so you can carry on crafting while on the move.

* 25 beautiful pieces that are deceptively simple to make including a lace wrap, Shaker-style throw, wild rose afghan, tartan rug, and more.

* Techniques section shows how to master all the simple skills you need.
I can't wait to start on some of these.

The other book was just so charming and cute - besides a very useful concept that I just had to buy it - with the thought that the projects shouldn't be too expensive. The neat idea with this book is that the process of creating the little clothing teaches the steps for doing the same types of things for people, with less time needed (and less wool).

Crochet For Bears To Wear
Crochet For Bears To Wear
Amy O'Neil Houck
Potter Craft Press
Copyright: 2010

The product description:
What’s cuter than a teddy bear in a sweater?

… A teddy bear wearing a custom-crocheted sweater made just for him! With Amy O’Neill Houck’s simple instructions and lovable, huggable patterns, crocheters of all
skill levels can create fashions for their teddies and friends, including Build-A-Bear
Workshop bears, Vermont Teddy Bear Company bears, and American Girl dolls. In
Crochet for Bears to Wear, you’ll find more than twenty quick-to-crochet garments
and accessories—from sweaters and swimsuits to pajamas, sundresses, and even a
baseball uniform just perfect for spring training.

The patterns provide a fun introduction to a range of techniques and garment
constructions such as seamless top-down crochet, crocheted ribbing, unusual starts
and finishes to garments, lace, colorwork, Aran crochet, and so much more. With
instructions on how to customize each pattern to fi t your own collection of soft toys,
Crochet for Bears to Wear provides everything a crocheter needs to know to keep her
favorite friends covered from tip-top to toe.
I've got a few of these in mind already.

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