Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lord of the Rings Read Along Part Two

I'm (sort of) participating in the Lord of the Rings Read Along hosted over at Little Red Reviewer and Geek Daddy. I'm saying sort of because I've read the books so many times that I don't actually have to be re-reading them at the same time anymore. It makes answering some of these questions a bit more difficult, because I'm coming at the story from a perspective where I know the whole thing. There are few surprises there for me now. It does make questions like "what were your first thoughts on ___ more difficult to answer because I simply don't remember. Although, I did re-read the Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers fairly recently and enjoy the reads.

This week's questions were:

1. What was your initial thoughts of Strider/Aragorn when Hobbits met up with him in The Prancing Pony? Did you think that he was linked with the Riders?
I don't remember anymore, to be honest. My response these days is to remember that Tolkien notes in his letters and the early drafts that apparently he didn't know who Strider was. IIRC, he was originally a hobbit named Trotter!
2.What was the biggest surprised to you during this section of the Fellowship of the Ring?
This is another question where I'm going to have to say "I don't remember".
3.Do you like that Tolkien goes in depth and tells the readers of the history events of the war that is upon the Fellowship?
That's one of the things I absolutely love about Tolkien's writings. That and all the little untold hints he leaves throughout the books.
4. How far do you think you would have lasted if you were Frodo and nearly becoming a Rider?
Probably nowhere near as long as he did.
5. As dangerous quest unfold to become, the other hobbits want to stick by Frodo til the end. Would you sacrifice yourself and stick with Frodo til the end?
I'd like to think I would but unfortunately to be honest, probably not.
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