Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Rambling: That Lost Feeling

I finished Jo Graham's book Black Ships earlier this week and I found myself feeling completely lost when I'd turned the last page. I just didn't know what I wanted to read next (to a certain extent, I still am feeling that way). I ended up picking up and starting a number of books (most of which ended up on my It's Monday! What Are You Reading? post for the week) but putting them down again. Labyrinth, Water For Elephants, Cicero, Peony In Love. Not one of them really grabbed me this time. I've ended up going with Heinlein's Space Cadets.

What does this have to do with all of you? It's this. When I've finished reading a book that I really really liked, and Jo Graham's book was just the most recent one of them, I often find myself wondering what to read next. There's no drive to pick up the next book because I enjoyed the last one so much. And, often, I don't even know what kind of book to read next. Another, similar book? Great, if there is another book by that author. Sometimes though, going to a different author but a similar type of story, I end up comparing the two unfairly. Sometimes I've just turned around and read the book again cover to cover.

This is all in comparison to knowing what book I want to read next before I'm finished the previous book, which is what usually happens. Of course, right now, I'm waiting eagerly for Elizabeth Moon's new book, Oath of Fealty, which is due out next week. I know darned well that I'll be abandoning whatever book I'm reading when I get my hands on that one. Just hope it lives up to my expectations.

Do you get the same feelings when you finish a book? If so, which books have inspired them for you? What's your solution (not that it's a problem that needs solving)?


Allie said...

There have definitely been times where I finish a book and don't want to read anything else. Usually this happens when I was emotionally moved by the book, or it was just so good that I can't imagine reading anything else. I give it a few days before I pick something else up. That usually helps recharge me and give me time to thoroughly think about what I read.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I usually pick up something new within a day or two, although I tend to author hop.
On the plus side, if I've just read something that didn't rock my world, diving into another book helps to get it out of my mind.

Elena said...

It's definitely a sign of a good book though.

Thanks for commenting Allie.

Switching authors is a trick that works - sometimes.
Thanks for stopping in Alex.


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