Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reading Update

I'm on vacation, just got into town after a few days on the train today. At the moment I'm borrowing a computer and internet access, but I hope to be able to post reviews sometime in the next couple of days. I plan to get the first one written tonight or tomorrow. As it is, I do have some books to review now. Coming in the future to this blog are reviews of:
  1. Kelley Armstrong's novel Bitten
  2. The Quest of the Holy Grail (for the Pre-Printing Press Challenge and the Arthurian Challenge)
  3. The BBC Radio Play of The Lord of the Rings. At the moment I'm finishing episode seven. This is honestly one of my favorites.
  4. After that I'll either be finishing S. M. Stirling's Against The Tide Of Years or reading Boyett's novel Ariel.

Yes, I did pack a lot of reading material. And, going by previous vacations, I'm bound to buy more.

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