Friday, April 3, 2009

Books read and reviewed in March

Books read in March were mostly reviewed. However, there was one, Beast Master's Circus that I didn't get to reviewing and as it has now been a couple of weeks, I doubt it will get a review at all.

It's been a Fantasy and Urban Fantasy month for the most, heavy on Patricia Briggs, with some David Weber and other authors thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, the rest of the books for the month are:

Marked: A House Of Night Novel - P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast
A snippet from my review:
I think the story was decent, it did catch my attention in a few different places and kept me turning the pages, but event for a teen book, I found it too quick a read, and I'm not fond of the high-school set stories that are so popular right now.

Beast Master's Ark - Andre Norton and Lynn McConchie
A snippet from my review:
Honestly, I think this is the best of the Beast Master novels, but perhaps I'm influenced by the fact that this was the first of the books in this series that I read.
Bone Crossed - Patricia Briggs
A snippet from my review:
The book starts immediately after the end of Iron Kissed, making it seem more like one book in two volumes, and the action starts almost from the first page. Mercy's mother turns up, having read the articles in the paper about the events of Iron Kissed, and then, minutes later, Stefan, the vampire, pops into the room, literally, having been tortured. From there things don't let up for an instant.
Storm From The Shadows - David Weber
A snippet from my review:
I enjoyed reading Storm of Shadows, but I've got to say, when I came to the end my reaction was "When's the next book coming out?". Weber has left the book screaming for a sequel, which according to the note in the front of the book is going to appear at some point in the future (hopefully sooner than five years from now like this one was from The Shadow of Saganami).
The Shadow Of Saganami - David Weber
A snippet from my review:
Overall, that's the thing about David Weber's science fiction. He's created very detailed characters, worlds and political systems. Everything holds together very well with not too many "hey! that can't work" moments.
The Shadow Queen - Anne Bishop
A snippet from my review:
Set after Tangled Webs and the Black Jewels Trilogy, The Shadow Queen connects the events and time of the stand-alone book The Invisible Ring with the later books. All I can say is WOW! This book kept me up two nights running. Frankly, I preferred it to Bishop's last book, Tangled Webs. It had the scope the previous book didn't. On the other hand, unlike the other books set in this world, there was no villain to contend with. Instead, it was a book of rebuilding, learning to trust and going on with life.

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs
A snippet from my review:
Overall, this is a good start to an interesting series, and I'm looking forward to the next book I've seen rumored on (though it's not showing up on the Chapters/Indigo site yet.

Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs
A snippet from my review:
As with Moon Called, and Blood Bound, the actual perpetrator of the crimes is left a mystery until the very end of the book, so that each time you think you know who it is, the author throws in another twist to keep you guessing (something that I really enjoy as I hate being able to predict what's going to happen in a story before it does).

Blood Bound - Patricia Briggs
A snippet from my review:
I like that it's not all about the supernatural, that there is some of the ordinary as well, ranging from work at the mechanic's shop to interacting with kids (albeit often in animal form). The other books in this genre that I've read seem to be so tangled with the supernatural/paranormal that there's nothing unconnected.

Moon Called - Patricia Briggs
A snippet from my review of this first book in the Mercy Thompson world:
I loved this book as, even though it seems to have all of the staples of the urban fantasy world, it had some unique twists as well and it kept me guessing right to the last page. I'll admit that I'm not overly familiar with the type of book, only really having read a few of the authors, namely Laurell K. Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Tanya Huff, but Patricia Briggs is an author I'm enjoying a lot.

Tangled Webs - Anne Bishop
A snippet from my review:
This is the sixth book in the Black Jewels series, set about a year after the events in the trilogy and Dreams Made Flesh. Overall, perhaps the writing isn't the greatest, but the story mostly makes up for it. The book certainly kept me up far past bedtime, anyway, and had me laughing at the character interaction between the members of the coven and the SaDiablo family.

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