Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Geeks - Blogger Playlist

This week's Weekly Geeks post is a neat one:
This week, I thought we could share blogging-inspired playlists. The idea of this one is to choose song titles that sound like they have something to do with reading or blogging. Songs that reflect how you feel about blogging in general. This has more to do with the titles themselves than the actual genres or styles of the songs. So you might include on your blogger playlist songs that you'd never actually put together on a playlist.
My playlist:
  1. Is There Something I Should Know? - Duran Duran
  2. Fairytale - Enya
  3. Book of Days - Enya
  4. The Enchantress - Greg Joy
  5. Express Yourself - Madonna
  6. Open Sesame - Kool and the Gang
  7. I'm Going Slightly Mad - Queen
  8. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
  9. Time Stand Still - Rush
  10. Words - The Bee Gees
  11. Empty Pages - Air Supply
  12. Workin' Day And Night - Michael Jackson

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