Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In Bastet's Service - P.M. Griffin - Short Story

In Bastet's Service
P.M. Griffin
Catfantastic II
Daw Books
Copyright 1991

In Bastet's Service is one of my favourite cat related short stories. It's found in the anthology Catfantastic II, which came out in 1991. There's a lovely mix of fantasy and realism in the story, although it is a bit sad. I love the use of mythology with Bastet - and the cats are just so realistic. Now having two kittens of my own, I was inspired to go find and re-read this story again. I like the other stories by P.M. Griffin as well, but In Bastet's Service remains my favourite out of all five of the Catfantastic anthologies.

I know I don't often review individual short stories, but frankly, this one just stands out as being one of the best I've ever read.

A woman brings home a statue of Bastet, only to find out that she's gotten so much more than she bargained for, including at least one cat who needs a good, kind human to care for him. I can't say much more without risking spoiling the story, but if you're a cat lover and a lover of fantasy stories, please try and find it. I know you'll at least be smiling as you read In Bastet's Service.

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