Friday, July 2, 2010

What Would You Recommend? - Tudor Era Fiction

This is a question I get asked all the time working in the bookstore: "What would you recommend for somebody who loved "_________"? (fill in the blank)" Usually I can come up with something, but that something can be a bit of a wild guess if it's not a book or genre I normally read. This is where you helpful people come in. If you have a suggestion, I'd love to hear it.

I'm asking about a big subject this week: historical fiction surrounding the Tudors. There's the numerous books by Phillipa Gregory of course, but there are so many others as well: Alison Weir, who's noted for her non-fiction biographies has two books out with a third coming later this year. There's Barbara Kyle, who has several novels as well, and there are so many others that I can't remember them all, much less make a real start on reading them.

Phillipa Gregory has a mixed reputation, I've heard: some people really like her books, but I've heard others who don't. Ditto for Alison Weir, although I figure that she at least would have her facts correct. I haven't heard anything about any of the others though.

So, what have you heard about the various novels on the Tudors, and which ones would you recommend, not limited to the ones mentioned here?


J.G. said...

This is why I would never succeed in a non-speciality bookstore: some genres might as well be Greek to me. Good show that you want to have an answer for everyone!

Unknown said...

Thanks J.G. That's exactly why I started this weekly post (well, that and the way I can use it to find good books for myself sometimes :) )

Lorin said...

There are, I swear, a million Tudor books out there. The problem is sorting the crud from the good stuff.

Historical fiction authors I've liked, though I don't think they're all writing about the Tudors: Anya Seton, Rosalind Miles, Margaret George, Sharon Kay Penman

I found Alison Weir's latest novel about Eleanor of Aquitaine to be really disappointing, FYI.

Unknown said...

You've got that right, Lorin! Thanks for the tip on Alison Weir's latest too.


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