Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Favourites - Your Favourite Source For Books?

Friday Favourites - a chance to rave about a favourite reading/book related topic each week.

Sometimes you just want a chance to rave about some favourite aspect of reading that doesn't really come up during regular blogging posts - that's what this is about. I'm willing to bet that at least some of those will come up one week or another.

This week I'm asking what your favourite source for your books is. Your local bookstore? Used bookstore? the library?

I know the library is a popular source for books due to the popularity of the Library Loot meme.

Please leave either a link to your response or your response itself in the comments.

My answer:
I'm going to have to say my local bookstore is my favourite, although it's closely followed by a used bookstore - Russell Books in Victoria. It's not the other way around, simply due to travel time, frequency and the cost of getting there. Still, the vast majority of the history books in my Unread Books List each year comes from Russell (those that aren't textbooks, anyway).

I wish I used the library more, if only to save both money and space, but working at the bookstore does add a whole lot of temptation to impulse buy. And, having a Kobo doesn't help with that exactly, although I do know of quite a few places to get free e-books, so that's not so bad. Still some of those impulse buys have worked out really well - the books by Jo Graham come to mind, for example: Hand of Isis and Black Ships have both become favourites of mine. As have the books by Kylie Chan: White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Blue Dragon. I'm waiting for the next trilogy to come out this fall.

There are so many ways of getting books these days: Bookstores, online, books for review, e-books, the library - The best thing is, I think to not be exclusive to any one. Still, I can't help but wonder what your favourite is.

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