Sunday, May 10, 2009

Arthurian Challenge Reading List

I know it's nearly a month after I signed up for the challenge, but I've finally put together a tentative list of the six books I plan to read. I'll guarantee getting three of them read, but I hope to get six, and perhaps even more after that (one or two of the ideas I have will overlap with my Pre-Printing Press Challenge as well).

Here is the tentative list:
  1. Twilight of Avalon - Anna Elliot (I'm half way through the book already and loving it)
  2. Black Horses For The King - Anne McCaffrey
  3. Sir Gawain And The Green Knight
  4. Arthur And The Sovereignty of Britain by Caitlin Matthews
  5. The Quest Of The Holy Grail
  6. Stanzaic Morte Arthur (Middle English Poem)

The original sign up post for the challenge is here.
My original post committing to the challenge is here.
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