Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LibraryThing - Got to love it!

I am now probably the world's greatest fan of the "Name That Book" group on LibraryThing. I got a really neat book years ago as a gift. As things sometimes happen, between then and now, the book went missing. Searched the house, canvassed my friends (I do sometimes loan my books out, as risky as that can be), but couldn't find it. By this point I'd forgotten the title and the author, though not a description.

Just found the Name That Book group on LibraryThing a week or so ago, and finally got around to posting about the book there yesterday. It took the group less than a day to come up with the book title, even though I'd made some mistakes in my description: The Tattooed Map. They were my last hope, as I'd asked around in various bookstores, but nobody had heard of the book before.

To top things off, Abebooks had a copy available at a very reasonable price.

So, sometime in the next few weeks, expect to find a review of The Tattooed Map showing up here. I just have to wait for the book to arrive now.

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