Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Goldberry CAL Day 19 & 20

This is yesterday's post and photo to be honest, where I'd gotten to the end of Row 26. As of today, I've made it to the Bonfire Glade (the end of row 28) and we're really into the repeating rows now. This is where the print-out of the pattern starts to get fun though.

Depending on where you're doing the crochet, the fun levels grow and decrease dramatically. Because of the repeats, I'm having to flip from one page to the next and yet again to a third. Page 10 has the actual row I'm on right now, but the row instructions are on a different page because of the repeats, and for one or two rows, the chart/visuals are on a third page entirely. When I'm at home, that doesn't matter at all. I can sit on the sofa and spread the pages out beside me. Sitting on the ferry or in a vehicle is a different story though. Either way, I'm making progress.

The thing that really amazes me with this CAL is the way so many of you are already finished the shawl, often the full, long version too and are onto the next version of the project. How do you manage that?

Maybe some of my slowness is due to the number of times I've frogged rows to do them again. These last couple of rows, I've managed to fudge through mistakes rather than redo two complete rows again.

I have to admit to being distracted by other things at times as well, such as reading a good book. I spent most of today finishing the newest novel by Mercedes Lackey, Bastion, the fifth book in the Collegium Chronicles series. Also, I'm still working on the mate to the one sock I've finished with the Triumph Crocheted Sock pattern, having now gotten into the lacy part of the foot. This is my current travel project, just because it's compact, and I don't have to refer to the pattern every single row. The project I'm focussing on of course though is the Goldberry Shawl, and I'm already dreaming about possibilities for a second one. Although, I'd like to try out an Entwife or Down The Garden Path (already have yarn picked out for this one. Anyone have any tips for doing this is a fairly fine yarn weight?)

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