Sunday, October 13, 2013

Goldberry CAL Day 17 ?

Well, I think it's 17 days into the Goldberry Shawl CAL on Ravelry. I've lost track, to be honest. I also haven't had much progress to report over the last little while either. For a while it was going along very smoothly (up to row 20). Then, row 21, the "Samwise" row, started giving me trouble. At the same time, I got into the final week of preparing to move, plus the first week of unpacking. Bracketing that was about a week with no internet access (which facts explain the dead period on my blog as well).

Anyway, I got back into the shawl yesterday, I think and I ended up unravelling row 21 at least twice, once including row 20, during which the yarn snapped. I only hope my "join" holds the shawl as it's ended up just being the two pieces held together as I crocheted them in - a spit join that failed. On the up side, there's no ends to weave in there.

Tonight, I finally have progress to report: Row 21 is DONE! Samwise has stopped being stubborn and allowed the row to finish. I'm not counting the stitches either. I refuse to do that again, unless the pattern ends up with not enough or too many on a row - too many chances for me to miscount and drive myself crazy again. I half think that that was the problem here all along.

From now on, if the pattern seems to work, with the stitches lining up properly, I'm not counting.

The yarn is starting to change back to the lighter shades of grey on this row, and I like the way it's looking. Should be interesting to see how the colors space out as the shawl progresses too. So far, it's reminding me of the way the colors in the Bernat Mosaic yarn worked on the one shawl I did in that to date.

Hopefully the next rows will work out smoothly too. I really don't want to spend any more time unravelling. I'd been warned by some of the other participants that Patons' Lace yarn can be a challenge to unravel, and I see what they mean! I really don't want to have to undo more than a stitch or two at a time again!

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