Sunday, October 27, 2013

15 Days Book Blog Challenge: Nighttime Reading Routines

15 Days Book Blog Challenge is an interesting challenge over fifteen days to write on fifteen specified topics about books and book blogging. The challenge is hosted at Good Books and Good Wine. My link round-up post is here.

Day 2's topic is nighttime reading routines. I used to have one - read at least a chapter a night, which would often end up going until all hours because I couldn't put the book down. Not any more though.

I still try to read at least a few pages from whatever book I've got on the go each night, but don't always succeed.

I miss the earlier routine, which I generally found relaxing - on occasion it would end up being the opposite if I picked the wrong book, but that rarely happened. The worst occasion though was with Tanya Huff's novel Smoke and Mirrors. That book creeped me out really badly - almost couldn't turn the lights out that night. Thing was, based on her previous books, I'd been expecting something on the lighter and funnier side. Not the vivid and creepy imagery I got. If I'd known, I probably wouldn't have kept reading it late into the night.

I've written a bit about night-time reading before in one of my Friday Favorites posts, Your Favorite Time To Read.

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