Saturday, May 8, 2010

E-book Reader

I broke down and bought myself an e-book reader the other day. I'll admit I've had a bit of bad luck with it so far (faulty charging cord I think) but overall I absolutely love it. I got the new Kobo E-reader. It's the most reasonably priced, and it supports the e-pub and pdf formats. Besides, the reader comes with a hundred books already loaded on it, mostly from the Gutenberg Project, but still... Charlotte Bronte, Jules Verne, Homer, Chaucer, Edward Gibbon, fairy tales from several countries, you name it, it's probably there!

Can borrow from the library with it too (neat discovery of the day yesterday, and why I wasn't online to post my What Would You Recommend?).

Now I'll finally be able to read those e-books I've been sent now and again. I've been feeling guilty about them, but they haven't exactly gotten along with my computer.
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