Sunday, February 21, 2010

More Olympic Photos

I've been downtown seeing some of the sights of the Olympics this week. Mostly the flame at the cauldron, but I've also been into the downtown core and the crowds. WOW! There's almost so many people you can't move without bumping into anyone, or move period.

It's kind of laughable. Daffodils in full bloom during a winter Olympics. These however, were just asking to be photographed. Besides, they're so bright and cheerful.

The crowds down near the Olympic Flame. A bit dark, I know, but this was the best photo I managed to take. This is what it was like all along Robson Street and also down at the waterfront by the flame.

And, finally, the flame at the cauldron, with the mountains in the background. This is just typical of the weather we've been having so far. Clear, blue skies and sun. Absolutely lovely.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

How exciting that you get to see this firsthand!

Elena said...

It's lots of fun, really. But, the crowds! They're almost too much.


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