Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Library Loot: July 29

Library Loot is being hosted by Marg of the Reading Adventures Blog this week. Like Mailbox Monday, it's a fun meme to do and to see what everyone else is reading right now (or wants to be reading).

Fairly sparse on the books this time.

Already read, but not yet reviewed:
  • Sanctuary by Mercedes Lackey
  • Aerie by Mercedes Lackey
Both of them are part of her Dragon Jousters series and make for a good, clean, fun, fantasy read. They follow on Joust and Alta. They are also books I went looking for deliberately, as I was reading the series.

The one I have yet to read is Unholy Business, by Nina Burleigh. It's a book on the forgery of biblical antiquities such as the James Ossuary. I've got to say it looks interesting. This one is one I spotted on the New Books shelf, and borrowed just because it looked interesting. I must say I like the cover image.


Marg said...

Unholy Business sounds like it could be an interesting read. I don't often pick up books just through browsing myself, and I am sure that I am missing out on some gems!

Unknown said...

Browsing is a wonderful thing to do (bookstore or library). However, all too often, I've found that the "gem" I picked up was no gem at all.

On the other hand, there have been some genuine gems that turned out to be great reads.

I think that Unholy Business will be a good read, although it might be a bit dull. It depends.


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