Thursday, October 6, 2016


This is one of those hobbies that seems to come and go for me. Of late though I've really been into it - and I've been having a fair bit of luck in the photos I've been able to get. Most of the time recently I've been taking my camera to Rathtrevor Provincial Park, which is moderately nearby.

Possibly one of the reasons I've jumped back into photography is that I discovered the ViewBug website and I now live in hope of one day winning one of their contests (reality says "not likely!").

Anyway, I've gotten a few photos that I'm really happy with.

This one's of a particularly tame rabbit that I see at the park nearly every time. I know they say not to approach or feed the animals, and I don't. This one though, tends to come up to me. Obviously other people do feed or otherwise try to attract the rabbits.

I think we got quite lucky to see this fellow! One of the other people walking in the park pointed it out to us, and the owl seemed to be quite happy to pose for me. This was the best of the photos I took of him.

To go on with the animal theme, I finally managed to get an in focus photo of a seagull in flight. It's just coming in for a landing here.

I've been admiring the various flower and droplet photos around, and got the chance to try and take some myself the other day. This was the best, and I'm quite happy with it, though I do want to try taking more of these photos with different flowers too.

I could keep going because I've been enjoying taking these photographs, but I think that four is enough for now. That doesn't mean though, that I won't have more photos to share in the future.

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