Wednesday, November 6, 2013

15 Days Book Blogger Challenge - How Do You Avoid Blogging Fatigue?

If you've been following my blog for the past few days, you know by now that I'm participating in the 15 Days Book Blogging Challenge hosted at Good Books and Good Wine. My introductory post for the challenge is here, and I've been having fun writing up these posts, though I've decided to write them all up ahead of time to post each day. Quite the departure from normal for me. I'm generally more of a "write and post right away" type blogger.

Anyway, today's topic is "How do you avoid blogging fatigue?". I'm sure that everyone has their own technique, and I'm planning to look at others' for inspiration as at times, maintaining All Booked Up has become a bit of a struggle.

There's two methods I find myself using, and one big inspiration.

The first method, and one I actually need to break away from, as I think it does more harm than good is to take a break from the blog, which can lead to months with four or fewer posts - or even a few month span of time where I'm ignoring the blog. I actually don't like this method at all, even though when I come back to the blog, I'm usually quite inspired to post things.

The second method is the better one (at least in my mind. People who are only interested in book reviews may disagree). I post about whatever's got my attention at this time. Thus the recent string of posts on my crochet projects, my new sewing machine etc. Heck, if it's really bad and you know it's going to be some time before you've got the oomph to write a review, post a photo or something. (I really need to listen to my own advice here, I think). Memes like the Saturday Snapshots one are great for this.

The big inspiration that keeps me going a lot of the time is traffic stats. I love seeing those go up when I post - at least most of the time. There are posts where it feels like I'm shouting into an empty room, and that does get discouraging. Especially inspiring are the rare comments, or when someone makes an (even more rare) purchase from one of my links.

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